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Not all commercial gates are the same, and neither are gate contractors! You can trust our team for reliable, quality gates and customer service.

Our commercial gates are custom-designed to fit your commercial or industrial property, whether you require heavy-duty sliding gates for industrial sites, barrier arm gates for parking facilities, or elegant wrought iron gates for corporate offices. Our professionals have years of experience installing commercial gates.

All of our gates are built with a focus on durability and functionality, meaning they're built to withstand heavy use and harsh weather conditions. Trust us to install a high-quality commercial gate on your San Antonio Texas business property for long-term protection, beauty, and security combined with great customer service.

Gate Safety

At Fence Pros of Texas, we deeply understand the importance of gate safety, treating every project as if it were for our own family or place of business.

Ensuring the safe operation and reliability of all types of gates, including automated gates, is not just a part of our job - it's a commitment we uphold passionately. We believe in going above and beyond when it comes to safety standards. Safety is our top priority, and every aspect of our gate installation and maintenance reflects this dedication. For more insights into gate safety and our approach focused on care, training, and education, we invite you to explore our resources and reach out to see how we make every property a secure haven.

Our Most Popular Commercial Gate Options

Check out some of the most popular commercial and industrial gate options available for properties in San Antonio Texas.

Commercial V-Track slide gate company in the San Antonio Texas area.

Commercial GatesV-Track Slide

V-track slide gates are easy to operate and can be automated to create a convenient, accessible entrance for your business.

V-track slide gates move back and forth on a track in the ground. When opening, they move along the fence line, making them perfect for properties with limited space.

Commercial swing gate company in the San Antonio Texas area.

Commercial GatesSwing

Automatic swing gates open to create a classic entrance that looks at home on commercial and industrial properties.

Swing gates are a common choice for local businesses or commercial parks due to their traditional and elegant design. They are available in several unique materials and styles.

Commercial chain link security gate with barbed wire installation company in the San Antonio Texas area.

Commercial GatesChain Link Security

Chain link security gates are gates made from strong galvanized materials, providing a durable barrier for your property.

Commercial chain link gates are highly versatile and cost-effective, making them a popular choice. Strong materials and a customizable design makes them a great fit for security purposes.

Egress gate contractor in the San Antonio Texas area.

Commercial GatesEgress

Our egress gates are designed to provide a safe and easy exit point from your commercial property in case of emergencies.

Egress gates feature a straightforward design and clear signage to create a safe, reliable exit during emergencies, making them a key component of any property's safety plan.

Commercial cantilever gate installation company for the San Antonio Texas area.

Commercial GatesCantilever

Cantilever gates slide open along the fence line using a counterbalance mechanism without needing a track in the ground.

Cantilever gates are a great choice for driveways with uneven ground or a significant slope, and their unique design eliminates the need to clear debris from a ground track.

Commercial A-frame barrier gate installation company for the San Antonio Texas area.

Commercial GatesA-Frame Barrier

A-frame barrier gates are a practical solution for controlling access to your property, parking lot, or commercial space.

A-frame barrier gates serve as a sturdy physical barrier to restrict a car's access to certain areas, guard the entrance to your property, or create organized lines for entry.

Commercial traffic arm barrier gate installation company for the San Antonio Texas area.

Commercial GatesTraffic Arm Barrier

Our traffic arm barrier gates use a vertical pivoting arm to control or restrict access to parking facilities or entrances.

Traffic arm barrier gates are an efficient, reliable way to control vehicles entering and exiting your property. They are easily customized using various access control systems.

Commercial vertical lift gate installation company for the San Antonio Texas area.

Commercial GatesVertical Lift

Vertical lift gates are perfect for industrial or commercial properties that experience a high traffic value of large trucks.

A vertical lift gate is an ideal choice for commercial properties with limited space or sloped driveways as they open straight up and down and don't require clearance around the ground.

Commercial vertical pivot gate installation company for the San Antonio Texas area.

Commercial GatesVertical Pivot

Known for their rapid operation and minimal space requirements, vertical pivot gates are a great high-traffic gate option.

Commercial vertical pivot gates have a sleek and modern appearance and provide a secure barrier. They are commonly used for efficient access control and enhanced security.

Commercial high security vehicle entry gate installation company for the San Antonio Texas area.

Commercial GatesHigh Security

High-security gates are designed to provide maximum protection and prevent unauthorized access to restricted areas.

Our high-security gates are built using strong materials and advanced access control systems. These gates offer a formidable defense against intruders and security breaches.

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Commmercial Gates Examples

Custom Commercial Gate With Access Control for San Antonio Businesses and Commercial Properties
San Antonio Texas Commercial Slide Gate With Custom Number Accents
Custom Iron Gate for Commercial or Industrial Properties Across San Antonio TX
San Antonio TX Custom Iron Slide Gate for Businesses and Commercial Properties
Slide Gate With Custom Number Accents for Businesses or Commercial Properties in San Antonio Texas
Custom Iron Driveway Swing Gate for Businesses or Commercial Properties in San Antonio
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