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We Use Fences To Keep Your Family And Belongings Secure. See Some Of Our Work To See Why We’re Called The Pros.


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Here at Fence Pros of Tx, we offer a wide range of residential fence installation services to suit your needs. We have the experience and skill required for every type or style!



We provide the perfect solution for any business looking into investing in security measures that will protect their property from intruders and keep everything running smoothly inside your business!


And Everything Else

Because we understand that not every fence will be the same, we will work with you. We help you get back to your day-to-day routine as quickly and efficiently as possible so don’t hesitate to call us today!

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A Few Words About Us

We have a wide variety of fences to suit any need, no matter how big or small you want it!

We’re a family-owned and operated fence company in San Antonio, Tx that’s been serving the community since 2013. We offer quality workmanship with every project at competitive rates so you can feel confident about your choices!

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Superior Service

To ensure the best possible experience, we offer free estimates and on-site consultations with one of our knowledgeable experts so we can best suit your fencing needs.

Quality Services

Our business is family-owned and operated. Our goal is to offer the highest quality service in our fence installation process while working with you every step of way!

Affordable Pricing

Our fence installation services are the best in town! You can have a premium product for an affordable price. Contact us to receive a free estimate to start securing your property.

Some of Our

Recent Projects

We’re the best in town because our fences look great and last for years. Check out some of these projects from our happy customers who love their new fencing!

Fence Pros of Tx Offers Quality

With our high-quality fence installation and repair, you can rest assured that your property will be protected.
Fences are an important part of any home’s or business’ security system because they act as barriers between people who want access to certain areas on someone else’s land- thus preventing them from accessing what doesn’t belong to theirs! You can have faith in our quality workmanship on all of our fence projects, as they last for many years.

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Our average visitor rating is 4.9 / 5
Dawn Herman
1 review

This crew worked quickly, efficiently, professionaly and created a high quality product. It was evident that they love what they do. I’m so happy to be able to just sit in my yard and smile. Awesome job! Thank you again.

Anabel and Bryan Sanchez
1 review

Came out to take care of my fence in and out in the same day. The yard was still clean and a outstanding job was performed. Great customer service

Brandon Brown
1 review

Gus and his crew came out to patch my fence up and fix some gates for me and they did an awesome job, very prompt and professional, fair pricing and friendly definitely recommend them!

Duane Roundtree
1 review

Gus and his guys definitely have their game down tight. They showed up a day early and got the job done in less than 4 hours – incredible. Courteous, professional, and highly skilled. Thanks Gus!

Residential and Commercial Fence Experts

Fences are an essential part of the American landscape. From farms to city streets, fences keep our property secure and acceptable, providing a sense that we control what’s on it (even if you don’t). Fence Pros of Tx offers fencing services for all residential properties and we understand that no two fence needs are alike! Depending on your budget, we can help with everything from chain link to ornamental iron and still offer the same quality.

In today’s business world, physical barriers are becoming increasingly common. From warehouses and manufacturing plants to offices, you’re likely already aware that security can be an issue for many companies – especially those who work late hours or accept overnight shipments on-site! Fortunately, one solution doesn’t require significant time/money investment: fences. As your partner in providing these services (and more), we’ll take care of all aspects from design through installation, so each project runs smoothly while keeping our affordable pricing.

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